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My Colorado road trip 2017!

The only thing I can say is what a road trip! for a year I have been planning to go to Colorado for an elk hunt! many stars had to align to make such a trip possible for me, and I just want to thank the Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to go! number one on the list was the drive out! what?!? drive from Charleston WV to Montrose Colorado? absolutely! there's not near as much adventure on taking the easy way out. Ethel (my lifted Toyota Tundra) is a big thirsty girl I learned.. she averaged about 9 mpg, but we looked good doing it! it turned out to be about a 60 hour round trip drive. As soon as I got about 3 hours west on 64 we began the long journey across "the fly over states". Brace yourself, this is a long 17 hour section of the drive. Seriously, you will tell yourself jokes, then laugh at them. You will cry, go through your music list until your sick of it, and at one point put the vehicle on cruise at 110mph and take a 2 hour nap only to wake up and see your just crossing the Kansas state line. Kansas... Now that place is like being in the waiting room of the ER during flu season. Its forever long . I would almost bet you that when that twister picked Dorthy up she was like "Thank God I'm outta here!" but when you get to the Colorado state line the drive is all forgotten! the excitement begins and John Denver's"Colorado Rocky Mountain High" will be on repeat! Wild rivers, rugged mountains, and lots of adventure makes Colorado a must on anyone's bucket list! I spent 5 days in Montrose for my elk hunt which resulted in a lot of windy, bad weather. I didn't see any elk until my last day when the wind finally quit and saw 18 cows and one spike bull. Most would consider the trip a complete bust, but they miss out on the big picture. I was in the Colorado wilderness over looking the San Juan mountains. Yes in the Appalachian mountains I've seen Gods big paintbrush paint the hillsides and admire his handiwork, but to see the rugged mountains at 14,000 feet in elevation in Colorado where seemingly God himself chiseled them out and created them in all their beauty. No sir no ma'am! not a bust at all! but a deeper appreciation for Creator God! I'd look out at all that beauty and think to myself "then he made me!" It was after God created man that he said "It was Good". He knew all about us! He knew how man would turn out. And after he made all that beautiful creation saved the best for last. Us! What a breath of fresh air! Oh yeah I would have loved to have killed a big bull elk of course, but when I came out of those mountains I felt better than I had in years! like a good prescription from the great physician! God used those mountains to heal!

Big mountains felt like they created big dreams, big hopes and a healed heart! Colorado may be in my rear view mirror and Country roads on repeat on my radio now, but forever one of my greatest adventure memories!

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